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Evan C. Dawson, Ph.D.


DR. EVAN DAWSON applies her strong background in research methodologies and her experience in psychology and the law to the field of jury research and trial consulting.  Proficient in all aspects of research, including questionnaire design and development, quantitative and qualitative analyses, and reporting results, Evan uses her expertise to provide concrete recommendations regarding case presentations, witness evaluations, trial strategy, and theme development.  Evan is also involved in assisting at jury selections in a wide variety of cases in both state and federal venues across the country.

Evan graduated Salutatorian of her class from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a B.A. in Forensic Psychology. After working in education reform for a few years, she pursued and obtained her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and Law from The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY), where she taught undergraduate courses in research methodology. With support from the Department of Justice, Evan conducted extensive research on how subtle or nonconscious factors, like room layout/design, influence disclosure in investigative interviews and interrogations. She also has advised and trained law enforcement and intelligence practitioners on scientifically-supported methodologies for conducting interviews. In addition, Evan has published scientific articles on priming, memory, and deception detection in peer-reviewed journals, such as Law & Human Behavior, and she has presented her research at national and international scientific conferences.

Evan is a member of
American Psychology-Law Society. In her spare time, Evan enjoys concerts, sports, museums, traveling, and camping with family and friends.